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Dear friends and customers, we are extremely proud to announce that DM Joomla Extensions is now called Quirky Fox Labs.

DM Joomla Extensions entered the Joomla extensions market in 2009, and has managed to grow steadily since then, hitting an amazing 10000 downloaded extensions in the last year. During this journey, our team got bigger, more expert and more focused on design. We always tried to provide the best customer support on the market, because we know that the power of customization that made Joomla great means that each site is a different ecosystem, and our extensions should work in all of them.

A year ago we started a side-project, "Quirky Fox", to deepen our knowledge about other CMSs and, in particular, about Magento eCommerce and Wordpress. Our newly acquired design and graphic skills (thanks to a couple of great additions to our team) enabled us to dive into template design and into more complex extensions, and we didn't hesitate. 

We are now a team with vertical expertise in all the major CMSs that power the web: Joomla, Magento, Wordpress. We have dedicated developers for each one of them, and a graphic and design department to create templates and extensions that you will find nice to use and extremely powerful.

Our new name is Quirky Fox Labs, an environment where the products of DM Joomla Extensions will get even better, and where customers will be served by a dedicated support team. 

Existent DM Joomla Extensions subscription will keep their validity (so as customer support), and you can be able to renew them directly from the new Quirky Fox Labs site (, where all DM Joomla Extensions products will be found starting today. 

Welcome to the future of templates and extensions design and development, welcome to Quirky Fox Labs.